What is Padel?  A padel court is smaller than a tennis court, the walls can be used, the speed of the ball is less, so there are less difficult and slower turns possible so padel puts less strain on your back. Also, the padel serve is underarm, it has to be done after bouncing the ball once, which puts much less strain on your back.

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  • Less physical effort is required than in tennis or racquetball
  • Longer rallies due to the small size of the court and fences
  • More time playing and less time picking up ball
  • 50mins of play per hour versus only 15mins of play for tennis!


  • Players learn how to play relatively quickly and improve fast
  • The point starts with a underhanded serve, which is an easy shot to make and return
  • There are two chances to return the ball, before and after it hits the glass
  • The racquet is very easy to handle
  • Unlike other sports, players can start doing rallies immediately


  • It is a team sport, only played in doubles
  • Having 4 people on a small court at the same time brings everyone closer, which makes social conversation between players an integral part of the game
  • It is a entertaining sport to watch with spectacular points
  • It is a intergenerational game in which children, grandparents and parents can all play together
Court from ground